a b o u t


I started out a beer can collector way back in 1977, walking along the Rapid Transit tracks in Shaker Heights, Ohio, picking up Schlitz Light cans.  I loved the design of that can!  Made my dad buy every beer at Sol’s Delicatessen on Van Aiken Boulevard.  Bottom opened all but the first one, Peter Hand Dark.  Some of the beer was bad so my step mom used it for shampoo.  She was ahead of her time - a few years later, a brand with beer in it called Body On Tap came on the market.


In 2002, on a whim at a small Connecticut beer show, I branched out and started collecting bottle caps.  I was attracted to the small, coin-like quality of them.  Over the years, I have come to really appreciate the wonderful artwork found on bottle caps, the great variety of brands, and their long history.  They compare favorably with beer cans on all these levels.  


Bottle caps came into use before the turn of the century whereas beer in cans did not start until 1935.  Many smaller brewers could never afford to install canning lines, or didn’t last long enough to see the advent of beer in cans, so caps can be found from the tiniest breweries in the remotest locations.


In the beginning of my cap collecting journey, I only saved crown caps from New England or New York City breweries.  But, with the purchase of several advanced crown cap collections, I branched out to worldwide cork backed caps.  I currently have about 6000 caps in my collection, including many prized and unique specimens.


Please enjoy my personal collection of vintage caps.


These are not for sale.  Please enjoy looking at them!